• OSI-Approved Open Source

Programming Language

  • Java

Development Status

  • 5 - Production/Stable

Operating System

  • WinXP
  • Windows 7
  • Linux

Research Program

  • no assignment


  • Simulation and Software Technology


  • Cologne


Simulation and Modeling

RCE is a distributed, workflow-driven integration environment. We made RCE especially for engineers and scientists to design, analyze, and optimize complex systems (e.g., aircrafts, ships, or satellites) by using and integrating their own design and analysis tools.

Example: The goal is an overall design of an aircraft. For that, engineers from different disciplines, located at different site as well as their tools are required. Usually, the tools are written in different programming languages, have different requirements for the hosting operating system, and must remain on the site, where they are developed.

RCE takes care for the heterogenious infrastructure: Every tool involved is integrated in an RCE instance running on the tool's host machine. The distributed RCE instances are connected to each other and build a peer-to-peer network. From every RCE instance, which is connected to the network, the tools can be executed. With a graphical editor in RCE, the tools are coupled to workflows. The execution of the workflows is controlled by RCE. It manages the executions of the tools as well as the data transfer between the tools. The tool's console outputs as well as the result data are gathered and provided in RCE in appropriate views and browsers at one place.

RCE has built-in support for optimization, design of experiments, clusters, etc.

For CPACS-based design, analysis and optimization, RCE provides special extensions.

Last update: 2013-05-02