• OSI-Approved Open Source

Programming Language

  • Java

Development Status

  • 5 - Production/Stable

Operating System

  • WinXP
  • Windows 7
  • Linux

Research Program

  • no assignment


  • Simulation and Software Technology


  • Cologne


Simulation and Modeling

RCE is a distributed, workflow-driven integration environment. We made RCE especially for engineers and scientists to design and simulate complex systems (e.g., aircrafts, ships, or satellites) by using and integrating their own design and simulation tools.

Some application areas of RCE have special needs. Therefore, we realize different RCE editions (Download): a standard one and further with special extensions.

One of these editions is RCE for CPACS ('Chameleon'), a design and simulation environment for preliminary design of aircrafts. It is adapted for CPACS-based design and simulation tools. Another is RCE for Transport ('Pegasus'), an environment focussed on coupling of transport models mainly realized with Excel sheets.

Last update: 2013-05-02

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