Simulation and Modeling

The Network Flow Environment (NFE) is a tool suite to model tactical ATFCM processes within the European ATM System. Thereby considered short-term ATFCM measures are slot allocation and pre-flight rerouting

Simulation and Modeling
CPACS – A Common Language for Aircraft Design

The Common Parametric Aircraft Configuration Schema (CPACS) is a data definition for the air transportation system. CPACS enables engineers to exchange information between their tools.

Administration and Tools

CCSDS Mission Operations

CCSDS pursues standardization efforts in the field of spacecraft mission operations, called the CCSDS Mission Operations (MO) Framework. You can find DLR's open source contributions relating to the MO framework here.

Simulation and Modeling
Virtual Satellite

Designing space systems and planning space missions relies on many separated phases and dispciplins. The virtual satellite aims at closing the gaps in the development life-cycle and between disciplins by using model-based systems engineering.