Knowledge and Data Management

:study provides a software suite for managing studies with medical background.

Knowledge and Data Management

The Backend Catalog for Relational Debris Information (BACARDI) is the DLR's approach to a space debris database. The custom middleware components are implemented in Python using ZeroMQ and Protocol Buffer technology.

CCSDS Mission Operations

CCSDS pursues standardization efforts in the field of spacecraft mission operations, called the CCSDS Mission Operations (MO) Framework. You can find DLR's open source contributions relating to the MO framework here.

Simulation and Modeling
CPACS – A Common Language for Aircraft Design

The Common Parametric Aircraft Configuration Schema (CPACS) is a data definition for the air transportation system. CPACS enables engineers to exchange information between their tools.


4D Science Data Renderer in Virtual Reality Environments for Planetary and Atmosperic Research; Supports multiple Renderer Instances running at different locations in order to support Collaborative Work; Interactive Exploration Tools available.

Knowledge and Data Management

Catacomb is a WebDAV repository module for use with the Apache WebDAV module, mod_dav.


DAVInspector is a tool for debugging and monitoring HTTP and WebDAV capable applications.

Simulation and Modeling

DSC-HPC is a library that solves large sparse linear systems of equations in parallel (using MPI). It is based on an iterative Krylov-subspace method (FGMRES) preconditioned with a distributed schur complement approach (proposed by Saad 1999).

Knowledge and Data Management

DataFinder is a lightweight data management application developed in Python that primarily targets the management of huge data accumulations, often encountered in the scientific field.

Simulation and Modeling
FlowSimulator DataManager

This is the backbone of the FlowSimulator environment for massive parallel multiphyisics simulations in the field of computational fluid dynamics.