• OSI-Approved Open Source
  • Apache License V2.0

Programming Language

  • Python 2

Development Status

  • 5 - Production/Stable

Operating System

  • Windows 7
  • Linux

Research Program

  • L - no assignement


  • Institute of Air Transportation Systems


  • Hamburg

VAMPzero - Conceptual Design for the Needs of MDO

Simulation and Modeling

VAMPzero is a software tool for the conceputal design of aircraft. Based on well known handbook methods the design of new configurations includes outer geometry as well as structures, engines, systems, mission analysis and costs. It supports working in multi-disciplinary and multi-fidelity environments. VAMPzero can interpret data from CPACS. Even more important VAMPzero can be used to generate CPACS files. Due to the fact that VAMPzero is based on an object oriented structure it is highly flexible. Furthermore, the structure distinguishes feature aspects (file handling, convergence control, process control) and design aspects (parameter definition, calculation methods) in a way that makes extensions easy to implement. The design aspects are grouped into components, disciplines and parameters, where as the parameters contain the actual design knowledge.

Last update: 2013-03-05

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