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  • C++

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  • 4 - Beta

Operating System

  • 64-bit MS Windows
  • Linux

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  • Simulation and Software Technology


  • Braunschweig



DLR-VisPP is a highly parallel and distributed software framework developed in C/C++ for the visualization and explorative analysis of large scale (multi-block) datasets. Within DLR many institutes are producing such datasets e.g. by numerical simulations such as computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Due to an increased spatial and temporal resolution, the size of such datasets can easily exceed multiple terrabytes which makes the analysis very difficult and time consuming. Therefore, our goal is to support the engineers with an appropriate software framework and infrastructure which is capable to analyse such datasets in an interctive manner.

To allow such high performance visualization our software suite consists of two main applications plus an additional plugin for ParaView to visualize these massive datasets:

  • - DLR-VisPP
  • - ParaView 5.0.1
  • - DLR-VisPP-Plugin for ParaView

DLR-VisPP is a parallel MPI application to extract features such as Contours, Slices or Region-of-interests out of the raw data. In order to accelerate this process we exploit meta information from the datasets to enable a dynamic processing order and we discard unnecessary processing of data to reduce i/O loads. The extracted data is then streamed to the ParaView server instances for rendering. The DLR-VisPP-Plugin allows users to send feature requests from ParaView to the DLR-VisPP application running on a HPC cluster. Additionally it integrates functionalities into ParaView to receive data from DLR-VisPP application.

**Features of the software framework** - **Massive parallel** feature extraction - Brings the algorithm to the data not vice versa - Dynamic **view-dependent** feature extraction - Progressive **streaming** and rendering of features - Interface to **sun's grid engine (SGE)** to start the DLR-VisPP application on a HPC cluster out of the ParaView application - **SSH Interface** to start the DLR-VisPP application on a cluster of SLED12 machines within the DLR network - **VTK** data support

Last update: 2017-10-01

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